Our company takes its name from Cangranddella Scala, a great military and political leader and a well known wine lover, who ruled Verona in the early thirteen hundreds, making our town one of the most powerful forces in Italy. Through the centuries, Verona has developed into one of the most important districts in the world for wine production, trading, and marketing.

Cangrande proudly presents the widest and highest quality range of Italian wines in New Zealand. We have chosen to focus on excellence, in order to ensure the exceptional standard reached in the last few years by Italian winemakers is fully represented in our catalogue. 

We currently offer several product lines, based on value, which can meet and satisfy the demands of mass retailers, restaurateurs, caterers, wine shops and any kind of wine traders in New Zealand. However, for all of these ranges the price/quality ratio remains outstanding. 

Products that have been kept cheap through the use of mass production winemaking techniques are not to be found in any of our lists. All of our wines have instead been carefully selected by our staff, making sure they reach the quality standard which is part of our company mission. 

We realize some varieties of Italian grapes have not been deservedly valued and welcomed in the new world, due to the fact that the products available on the market do not fully represent the potential of these grapes. We want these varieties to be appreciated for their real value; a goal we aim to reach by introducing some of their finest, classiest expressions.